Please note that our support team at support@homelesspenthouse.com addresses all emails in the sequence they come in. Sending multiple emails won't expedite a response. Kindly wait 24-48 hours for our team to revert. While we typically respond within 24 hours on weekdays, weekends might take up to 48 hours. We appreciate your patience and understanding. All our shipments are managed by DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, or local carriers. Expressing frustration to our support will not speed up your delivery. Kindly treat our support with kindness and respect. Thank you!

  1. Why doesn't my item have tracking on the global tracker?
    • If you see a "Pending" status the first time you track, wait a bit and refresh. The system takes time to fetch data from local carriers. For more details, use https://www.17track.net with your tracking number.
    • If you've ordered multiple items, they might be in different warehouses, causing varied delivery times. For further status, email us with your order details.
  2. When can I start tracking my orders?
    • Order processing is typically 48 hours but can extend up to 5 business days. Deliveries range from 1-4 weeks, varying based on the item and location. Delays might occur due to holidays or customs inspections.
  3. My tracking hasn't updated, what's up?
    • Extended delivery times (more than 1-3 weeks) usually indicate customs inspection. This process involves package opening and resealing.
    • We urge patience during this period. For packages with customs, we can't hasten the process as it's a government protocol.
  4. What if my order is lost?
    • Our HP Order Insurance ensures that if your order is misplaced, we can either resend it or offer store credit.
  5. How long do items remain in stock and why do prices change?
    • Items can remain available from a day to 3 months. Price changes might occur due to alterations in trade, import, or tax regulations. Make purchases promptly to avoid missing out or encountering price hikes.
  6. Can I get sponsorships and freebies?
    • Certainly! Refer to the "HP Sponsorship" page for more details.
  7. Where is the store located?
    • While Homeless Penthouse has pop-up stores in NY, LA, Paris, and Hong Kong, our primary presence is online.
  8. Where are items shipped from?
    • Items are dispatched from ethical factories in Shenzhen, LA, and Latvia. Different factories have different specializations, so multi-item orders might ship separately.
  9. What's the return policy?
    • Returns are accepted for unused items in original packaging within 7 days of receipt. See our policy page for more.
  10. Do you ship internationally?
    • Absolutely! We offer free worldwide shipping.
  11. How long is the delivery time?
    • After a processing time of 1-4 business days, deliveries typically take 1-4 weeks.
  12. I received part of my order, where's the rest?
    • Multiple items might be from different warehouses, leading to staggered deliveries. Email us for specifics.
  13. Are there custom fees?
    • We don't cover custom fees post-shipping. By buying our products, you acknowledge potential custom fees on arrival.
  14. Will my item arrive before a specific date?
    • For holiday gifts, avoid purchasing in the holiday month to ensure timely arrival. We can't guarantee delivery by specific dates.
  15. Can I modify my order or address?
    • For changes or cancellations, email us ASAP. Once an item ships, changes or cancellations aren't possible.

For any queries, contact support@homelesspenthouse.com.